Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top Movie Friendships That Will Never Grow Old

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do you find yourself watching films, and being absolutely jealous of some of the friendships that are happening on the screens? We’re almost at the end of 2013 now…and it’s still happening! Last Vegas follows a gang of friends who nickname themselves The Flatbush Four as they are reunited for a bachelor weekend in Vegas. In the film, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas play friends of 60 years…so we thought we’d take a look at other movie friendships that will never grow old.

 Stand By Me

“You guys wanna go see a dead body?” shouldn’t really be the tagline for one of the greatest films about friendship, but there you go. The adaptation of Stephen King’s short story falls a group of four boys as they go on a journey to find a dead body before the dreaded local bully does. Though it starred teens River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Jerry O’Connell and Corey Feldman, it has so much clout and emotion that the story will always stick with every generation. It always makes us remember about how truly, nothing will compare to the friendship you have when you are kids.


We have been through a sweep of Guy Ritchie gangster films over the last few years, but 12, Mumbles and Handsome Bob’s friendship in 2008’s ‘RocknRolla’ is one that made us wish we were hardnuts. There are some classic moments in the film (who can forget that scene between Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy?) that truly capture the hilarity that friendship can bring. And by the rate that Guy Ritchie is going with RocknRolla 2, they might just be the age of the gang in Last Vegas by then!


Friendship is when you can poop in front of each right? That was one of the many things we learned from the Kristen Wiig led comedy back in 2011. Annie and Lillian’s long time friendship is one we can relate to (we’d have to have five hands to count how many times we have had naughty coffee shop conversations!). Not only did it give an unapologetic look at how women can be, but also was the film that gave women the push back into the spotlight we so deserved.


Barry Levinson’s brutal drama might not make for easy viewing, but its theme of revenge and sticking together in hard times is the core of what friendship is about. And even though it has the big leagues in it (including Last Vegas’ very own Robert De Niro), we cannot but help to always be drawn to the performances of the younger cast.

Toy Story

We left the most poignant friendship till last in our friendship countdown. Yes, who would have thought that a film about toys could have given us such hope? The tales of Andy, Woody and the gang will always stick with us till the very end, and we’re not even going to lie, when Toy Story 3 was released we were pushing those kids out of the way. We couldn’t have asked for a better film.

So there you have it – our top friendships that will never grow old.  Last Vegas will be released January 3rd.  

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