Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Best Tips We Have Learned From Neal Caffrey In 'White Collar'

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I know right, you're pratically humming the theme tune in your head as soon as you saw the title. The show, which stars Matt Bomer as one of the smart, savvy and best con man around Neal Caffrey, has been airing simultaneously on Alibi for the last few months, and we have to say we have learned some cool tips from our favourite Anti-hero along the way. Please note, you will not find any cons here, you might want to watch White Collar for that...

1. The Art Of The Aliase
Nick Halden, Victor Moreau, nothing has taught us more about the aliase than White Collar. We wish we would have thought of a cool name sooner, but we're already stuck, so if you have a chance get your fake name while you can. If you watch White Collar, you might know that Neal Caffrey isn't actually Neal's real name.

2. Always have a partner 
Neil might have always said that he doesn't need a partner, but he's a liar. Caffrey's best friend Mozzie has been there with Neal for the bad times and the good times, and if any con man can give up millions of dollars just so he can stay with his friend in New York, that's gotta mean something right? He will probably open the conversation with a literary reference and will hold your back in a sticky situation...where can we get a Moz? We also can't forget Peter and El, the most loved up partners of all.

3. Violence is never the answer
Neal is a lover, not a fighter. We know he does not do guns, but sometimes it depends on it, like when somebody is shooting in the leg because they are beating Peter up with a priceless painting.

4. Be dapper, always. 
 The tracksuits stay with Moz, always don your best shirt and tie. Caffrey was on that before a certain Justin Timberlake was...

5. Never Lose Your Way 
Even though he works with the FBI, Neal is still seen as a complete bad ass. Why is that? Because he never loses his way. Neal Caffrey is one of the most realest character's on TV, and we hope creator Jeff Eastin sticks to his word about ten seasons, because we don't want him off our screens just yet!

White Collar airs on Alibi.

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