Monday, December 30, 2013

3 Terms And Phrases To Leave Behind In 2013.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Every year words, dances and concepts get invented. Some die instantly while others are welcomed into our vocabulary with open arms. I fully appreciate bling, bootie, shizzle, and selfie. However, here are three terms I’m hoping won’t make it into 2014, but fear might.


Squats are great. We can’t fault the squat. But please stop with the ‘She Squats’, ‘Squat or die’, 'Do you Squat?' and more cheesy taglines followed by a picture of a woman with an inflated ass. Do squats because they’re hard and you enjoy the burn, but can you please skip all the squatted ass groups and Instagram pictures in 2014?


What is twerking? Isn’t it just ass jerking dancing? Is there a difference between twerking and grinding? We’d like to mention her as little as possible but many want to thank (read blame) Miley Cyrus for the twerking phenomena. If she is doing it right it doesn’t look much different from what’s been in videos, on stage and in da clubs in the past years. Cyrus has stepped away from the twerking and moved on to more advanced dances, can’t we all do the same? Or at least, just leave the term behind in 2013.

                                                       Winning/Owning the Internet

Call us anal-retentive, but what does this even mean? So one person does a ‘brilliant’ thing on the internet, it goes viral and suddenly he owns the internet? Other than it not making sense, it’s grating on the ears and insulting to those who have yet had a cat meme go viral (we’re not bitter at all).

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