Monday, December 30, 2013

1910 to 2010 New Years Resolutions

Monday, December 30, 2013

If NY resolutions isn’t a hard core promise to live by during the 365 days after it’s been made, then it is at least a result of a brief thought process questioning our flaws, our weaknesses and from that deduce how we may be happier in the next year.

Even if you’re one of those who have given up on having a resolution, in the back of the head there’s one thing which needs to be changed to open the gate to happiness and perfection. Tongue Loose sat down and tried to figure out how long these new year resolutions have been going on for, and for a second we drifted away and wondered what the women of the last century might have promised themselves.

1910 – I’m going to let my hair grow out really long. The bob is just a trend that will pass.
1920 – Marry someone like Gatsby.
1930 – Just marry someone.
1940 – Gain weight.
1950 – Be able to smoke more than 5 cigarettes an hour.  
1960 – Register to Vote.
1980 – Lose my virginity.
1990 – Quit smoking.
2000 – Lose weight.
2010 – Start a career, quit smoking, live a healthy life style, find the one and stop dying my hair in silly colours.
2014 – Be myrself. 

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