Sunday, September 27, 2015

Raindance Film Festival: 1 World 100 Lonely Review

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Director: Brian McGuire
Starring: Robert Murphy, Farah Mokrani, Lara Heller, Mark E. Fletcher, Mike Kaiser, & Kendall Carroll

In a day of social media love and Catfishing, Brian McGuire’s latest movie 1 World 100 Lonely might hit close to home for a few. The LA director has managed to hit the nail on the head with new age love, and just how desperate people are to find it.

1 World 100 Lonely is an interlinked tale of searching for love. Starting with Rex (Robert Murphy) or “RexMen” as he is known on his OkCupid profile, who falls for a foreigner living in London by the name of Nosaneen (Lara Heller). Rex decides to head off to London to meet her, but once he meets her, his insecurities set in. In part two of the film “Soda Pop” Lenny (Mark E. Fletcher) is dealing with the idea that his girl, “Hot” Sara (Farah Moans), is sleeping with another man. But Sara is dealing with her own problems, and thinks she can resolve them by going with another man…who just happens to Rex.

McGuire’s Android filmed movie is a bit unsettling to watch, focusing on the warts and all aspect of filming. While nothing is doing spectacularly, the normality of everything around is what sets the tone. This is what makes the second story a bit abrupt viewing wise, because the other stories come across so normal. But then again, if you have seen previous Brian McGuire films, you would know that he loves to make the viewer feel this way.

And with everything being minimalistic in the film, the actors are the ones that keep you captured through out the movie. Murphy's portrayal of Rex is perfect, and he makes you debate whether you root for him, or find him a complete douchebag. Farah Moans is another one to look out for in the film, and when the pair have scenes together they bounce of each other perfectly, bringing a perfect end to the movie. But all in all, the actors are incredibly natural in their roles, and it makes you feel like you are watching a documentary more than anything. 

But when you finish watching the one-hour fourty minute drama it feels more satisfying then any episode of Catfish could. McGuire’s films get stronger and stronger each Raindance, we cannot wait for what he brings us next year.  


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