Sunday, September 13, 2015

How To Change The World Review

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Director: Jerry Rothwell
Cast: Bill Darnell, David Garrick, Bobbi Hunter,
Running Time: 110 Min
Rating: 15

How to change the world is about the creation of world renowned environmentalist organisation Greenpeace. An organisation that many have heard of, but few know of its beginning. Greenpeace was in the 70s the innovator uniting of the peace movement with the environmental movement and became the beginning of the ecology movement. It has since developed a reputation for being more commercial than a passionate anarchist foundation. With such a great movemment. Where do you start? And that's what the film battles; the star. More than that, it is a documentary about friendship, archiving, money and the media as it follows a few men and women on a mission to change the world.

How to change the world uses a number of techniques to tell the story.  Its greatest achievement is never before seen footage from the early days of Greenpeace and their first voyage where they attempted to protest against the nuclear bomb testing in Amchitka and the change of direction following that to stop whale hunting. It's impressive to see how aware the original crew were about putting on a good show, they touch on the concept of images, videos and protests going viral way before the times of social medial and the vitality of the Internet. In a mixture of luck and sheer genius they capture footage and images completing the documentary.

Beside the current day interviews with the founders, the film is accompanied by animation and is not only the footage which authenticates the film but added to that is that Bob Bunter who acts as a protagonist and initially got involved as a journalist to record the voyages of Greenpeace, narrates the documentary. The first person narration is in the form of Bob's journals; impeccable writing narrating a beautiful film and tells of the torment of each step they were taking to make an impact.

Bob couldn't be a greater human being but also protagonist in this well put together and visually enticing documentary. He is a journalist turned activist whose writing encapsulates the film and gives it not only a voice but also his actions serve as contributions and the footage takes us on a heartracing real life thriller.

How To Change The World is out in the UK on the 10th September.

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