Monday, October 06, 2014

Kele - Trick Review

Monday, October 06, 2014

Tracks: 10
Label: Lilac Records 
Released: 13th October 2014  

London's very own Kele Okereke is coming back with full force for his sophomore album Trick, and he is going to make sure you know it. 

After another hiatus from Bloc Party, and dabbling into dance music, Kele has found a happy middle that has somehow conjured into Trick. While there has been a dance influence in the album itself, you might be shocked to find that only a couple of tracks could pass at a club night. There seems to a reoccurring theme with the lyrics, the idea of love, whether it be love lost or discovered, really come to the forefront. The production of Trick also has an almighty feel to it, everything feels much bigger than we have seen from Okereke before. 

But what track stands out the most? While all tracks completely hold weight by themselves, "Closer" really stands out the most. It is the music equivalent of a melting pop, it takes all the elements that we have known Kele for other the years and puts it into one song (and also features singer Jodie Scantlebury in the most catchiest chorus we have heard in a long while). Other tracks to look out for are "Coasting", "First Impressions" (featuring Yasmin) and "Silver & Gold". 

Surprisingly there are many tracks that could easily fit in the charts right now. Take the track "Closer" for instance, take away Kele's name and you would think it was that track you could not quite find the name of as you was dancing the night away at a festival. It is time for people to stop living in the past, it is not 2005 anymore, that time has been and gone. It is now 2014 and you need to rave the night away listening to Kele's album. Welcome back Kele, we've missed ya. 


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