Monday, October 27, 2014

IC1s - In The Blink Of An Eye Review

Monday, October 27, 2014

Haven't heard of IC1S yet? Well you should be hitting yourselves. Finding their beginnings in the form of one bad ass drummer's record label (Gary Powell from The Libertines, if you're wondering) IC1s have picked up a following along the way, selling out music venues left right and centre. Now they are releasing a new EP to the masses, In The Blink Of An Eye.

But if you haven't heard of this London based band, there is one thing you should know about them - they like to give you a bit of a surprise. Within the first forty seconds of closing track Whack Jack, it takes you on a whirlwind, starting with the smooth like butter vocals from frontman Daniel Coburn that would be a great melancholic closing for the EP, suddenly into hard guitars and shouty, fist up in the air type choruses.

The six tracks have this theme through out, even the slower tracks like Beautiful Ugly and Never Together make you want to sway with your hands up, and let's not get started about the end of Beautiful Ugly, the song has the catchy singalong down to a tee, we're still singing it now. And even though when you listen to the EP it is quite clear who their influences are, IC1s have taken the heart of their influences and creating something very fresh and relevant that will please the seasoned and new music lover combined.

And if we are being selfish here, six tracks is definitely not enough for a band that sounds like this. So you have to make sure to order the deluxe version of the EP, that carries twelve tracks including demos and live tracks with a string quartet.

IC1s' In The Blink Of An Eye marks an incredible debut for the band, and if this is what we are getting with just an, we are ready for an album already.

In The Blink Of An Eye is released November 3rd, and IC1s will be playing London's Assembly Hall 

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