Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gerontophilia Review

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Directed By: Bruce LaBruce
Written By: Daniel Allen Fox and Bruce LaBruce
 Starring: Katie Boland, Walter Borden, Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, Nastassia Markiewicz, Shawn Campbell, Guillaume Lambert and Marie-Hélène Thibault
Running Time: 90 minutes

Bruce LaBruce returns once again with a wonderfully odd film, but compared to some of the material he has released in the past, it is very tame. You wouldn't guess that considering the actual meaning of "Gerontophilia" is sexual attraction to the elderly.

Pier-Gabriel Lajoie makes his feature debut as Lake, a quiet and extremely beautiful young man with an equally attractive and feminist driven girlfriend Desiree (Kate Boland) but Lake has a secret, he is attracted to elderly men. He quits his job as a lifeguard, and instead finds himself working in an old people's home alongside his mother. That's when he meets Mr Peabody (Walter Borden) and the pair form a relationship.

 For the subject, Gerontophilia manages to steer itself away from a creepy aspect and the fact that we are dealing with a sexual taboo does take the back seat. It mixes a wonderful coming of age story alongside the most unlikely road trip movie. There is not one weak link in the cast, with Katie Boland lighting up the screen with her effortless comedic timing, and the mesh up of Fox's script with great casting makes the film an absolute one to watch.

 But LaBruce really comes on top here. He is not a newbie to the scene, with his films becoming a vocal point in film festivals past, but he manages to create a mainstream movie without losing the core values everyone has come to love him for. He takes an incredibly taboo subject, and instead makes it a surprisingly heartwarming tale that everyone, elderly kink or not, will enjoy.

Wonderfully acted and beautiful to watch, we might just be seeing a gentle side to Independent cinema's most controversial director. An absolute must see.

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