Sunday, March 02, 2014

Always The Nominee, Never The Winner

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tonight's the night. What night you ask? The night which will cause many people who live in the wrong time zone to have a painfully tiring week, make most people fashion critics and more importantly it's the night which will decide which filmmakers get to work in the biz again. It's Oscar night kids and to celebrate we're listing the five most memorable Oscar-less nominees. Will any of these ever catch the bouquet?

DiCaprio - Tonight we're not bothering about the dresses, or even what movie wins but instead our mind and eyes are on our beloved Leonardo. Didn't we all think that the fifth nomination would be the one? That all Leo had to do was be funny and extravagant for three hours. Well we thought wrong, cause in comes Dallas Buyers Club, a movie about a manly man teaming up with 80s homosexuals to fight the AIDS. You can't compete bro. You just can't. Maybe, what's Eating Gilbert Grape was his safest bet. We'll never know.

Gary Oldman - Now that we're past the biggest "I can't believe he's never won an Oscar" here's to the legendary Oldman, who after an amazing 20+ years in the industry and numerous phenomenal performances has one nomination, and zero wins. And with Robocop and Kung Fu Panda 2, it looks like he's stopped trying.

Julianne Moore - 4! How many? Yeah, 4! 4 nominations in her whole career, and two of them were in the same single night. No wins. Moore is obviously not letting that bring her down as she's been on the big screen more than ever before and continues to be an amazing presence in film. Having said that, Carrie was not a good move....

Amy Adams - Here's the bell of the ball and the winner of nothing at all. She entered the Hollywood scene with an Oscar nomination for Junebug in 2005. Despite being in the game half as long as DiCaprio she's got a nice nominations collection of 5. Tonight may be the winning night it if she can beat Blue Jasmine star Cate Blanchett. Amy Adams won her first Golden Globe this year but she was competing in a different category from Blanchett.

Glenn Close - Close had her last nomination in 2012 and it was her 6th. With 5 movies coming out in 2014 alone, we take comfort in knowing she'll mesmerize us soon again with another Oscar performance. She might not win.

There's so much uproar going on about award thefts, "Lupita was robbed!", "DiCaprio has to win" but remember Oscars don't make legends. Messed up romances and great performances do, just look at Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton both nominated, never won, dead and still remembered. .

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