Sunday, November 09, 2014

Glass Caves - Alive Review

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Label: Tri-Tone 
Producer: Richard Turvey 

Glass Caves enjoyed a successful EP that has seen a lot of praise across the board including the good words of Clashmusic, Line of Best fit, Contact Music and international blogs including The Music Ninja and The Burning Ears. Since, Glass Caves have been busy indeed. Now the band release their debut album Alive, which was produced by Richard Turvey at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool.

One thing I loved finding out about this band is the fact that they busk regularly, it’s great to see a group who still walk the streets because it gives them and fans the opportunity to be closer. This alternative rock band has described their influences as ranging from major bands such as Coldplay and Kings of Leon to the Motown era, and you can definitely feel that vibe in this album. It can only really be described as something similar and different all at once. The sound is just a pleasure to listen to, from the guitar, to the vocals that swell and just completely occupied me; I found myself listening to certain songs on repeat without any regrets. 

Tracks to look out on the album include Why Stay?, Be Together, Go and This Road. Why Stay? hooked me instantly, everything about the song is great: the instruments, the way the song starts, the lyrics (I'll be singing "You cannot fix this with just one kiss, I am scared that I will regret this" for weeks) but most importantly the vocals from Matt Hallas really mould all the components together to make an explosive album. Get this album in your life now.

Alive is out now. 

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