Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raleigh Ritchie At Reading Festival 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If you were to show a picture of Jacob Anderson to a group of people, at least one of them would immediately going into a Game Of Thrones induced flail, but at a music festival he is Raleigh Ritchie...and though he had an afternoon Sunday slot, kept the crowd going.

Rocking up on stage wearing a Justin Bieber mugshot tshirt, Ritchie bounces around on stage from the get go, managing to keep his vocals pristine despite his rapidness. He only plays five songs, but those five songs were enough to seal the deal and make him one of the most talked about acts that day.

Stronger Than Ever, the song featured on ITV Encore and even covered by Lily Allen, was the set highlight. He talks about the song being incredibly important to him, saying how the song had come about following his return home after trying to make it first time around. The crowd left their inhibitions go by then - just when you thought Reading Festival couldn't surprise you anymore, they go and mosh their hearts out to a slow song.

But in the golden age of the solo artist - is there room for another? Of course there is. Raleigh Ritchie is incredibly different from the acts out there at the moment. He slips easy into the Frank Ocean category, great beats and heartfelt lyrics, but he keeps his British roots about him.

We have to mention that there's always a different kind of energy when you see somebody just starting, a wonderful awe about everything that they do. But nobody has had that awe in a while just as much as Raleigh Ritchie. It's quite clear how much he appreciates everything he does, his music tells that story, don't ever lose it.

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