Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Anthems 2014 - The Main Contenders

Monday, July 14, 2014

So it's officially summer in the UK, and the summer holidays are only a few weeks know what that means right? Beaches, 99s, long nights and the best thing of all - SUMMER ANTHEMS.  Yes, we always look forward to knowing what we'll be dancing around to over the next six weeks and lucky for you lot - we have complied a list of tracks ready to fill your devices.

1. MNEK - Wrote A Song About You  

19 year old MNEK (pronounced Emenike FYI) has been causing quite a stir with his anthems over the last few months - his latest offering Wrote A Song About You just might be the greatest yet. When he is not busy writing and producing tracks for groups like Little Mix, he is creating his own RnB infused meta hits by writing tracks about writing tracks.

2. M.O - Dance On My Own 

Not the Danish singer, but a bangin' new girl group coming up in the industry. Their latest track Dance On My Own samples garage track Flowers and it takes you back to a completely different era. If this track is anything to go by, there is a bright future ahead for these ladies.

3. Clean Bandit featuring Elisabeth Troy - Heart On Fire 

Clean Bandit's Rather Be is pretty much getting played to death despite its release in January, but lucky for us they've got an album full of hits that keep us going. The biggest contender of summer anthem out of the bunch is definitely Heart On Fire. It's safe to say that funky bass line will get your butts going.

4. Cazzette featuring The High- Sleepless 

Swedish duo Cazzette might just have the most annoying song out of the bunch, but it is so damn catchy we can't help but like it. Featuring new UK based artist The High (not the Madchester based band from the 90s) this robotic singalong is 2014's Here In Your Arms (remember Hellogoodbye?) prepare yourself now. 

5. Sia - Chandelier

Pop's most underrated gem has come out of the songwriting shadows to release her own blinder of a comeback single 'Chandelier'. While it must be the most bittersweet song we've heard in a long while (Example lyric: "Can't feel anything, when will I learn?") we know we'll just be singing this at 4am through the summer. It also has the best dance routine of the summer, and if you actually know it we can only you a round of applause.

What do YOU think will be the summer anthem of the year? 

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