Thursday, February 20, 2014

Short Sighted Cinema

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The brilliant Short Sighted Cinema who encourages and promotes short films and their makers. The 18th of February saw the last free entry event at the Ritzy in Brixton. Short Sighted Cinema has been filling up Upstairs at the Ritzy for the past coupe of events, and Tongue Loose attended the "Gender" themed screening in December and had the pleasure of attending the wonderful "London Lives" themed event this week. Check out a round up of the films shown and what we thought.

'JOURNEY' by Hardy D. Saleh 

Saleh brilliantly captures the London commuting life, and the hustle and bustle of urban living in the big city. His short film takes place on the upper-deck of a London bus, and he visually shows the journey of most Londoners while accompanied by the soundtrack of our life. Saleh has previously screened his film Mother at Kino London and is currently working on Father.

 'THE PUB' by Joseph Pierce 

The Pub is funny, truth telling and intimidating all at once. Pierce explores the inner demons of pub guests and how the bartender perceives and deals with these demons. The psychedelic animation takes you through yet another familiar environment for most Londoners, but has us questioning what we've gotten so accustomed to. Pierce has previously made the equally eerie A Family Portrait and Stand Up.

'MONEY WASTER' by Fred Rowson

Rowson's music video for Marshall F's song with the same name is an exquisite depiction of a man roaming the streets of London with the sole purpose to shine, outshine and waste his money. He fills his life with materialistic possessions to the point where he's nothing more than a hoarder. Rowson is a very talented music video director and we expect to see a lot more from him in the future. 


 A story is told about a kebab workers defense of a boy who has been stabbed on the streets of London and fighting for his life. Who knows if the story is true or not, but the short is funny, beautifully shot and a brilliant story told in only a few minutes. Sully has previously directed a number of music videos. 

'THE WAY OF THE DODO' by Liam Saint Pierre

The most poignant film of the evening was no doubt this brilliant short by Pierre. Not only does he stay true to the theme and depicts a Londoner but he also satisfies every cinephiles passion for projectors, real reels and old school screenings. He lets film obsessed Umit loose and we get to hear about his passions and uncover the lost battle for the survival of film in a digital age. 

'THE HUNGRY CORPSE' by James Pout and Gergely Wootsch 

Writer Pout and animator Wootsch collaborated on this very dark depiction of a very sweet friendship. The friendship forms in the heart of London between a corpse and a pigeon. Bill Nighy and Stephen Mangan voice the two characters. 

The next Short Sighted Cinema screening will take place on the 18th of March at the Ritzy. The theme for the screening is "Drugs". Screenings will from now on be charged at only £3 and tickets can be bought here 

If you're a budding film makers we strongly advise you to get involved with Short Slighted Cinema and we noticed a serious shortage of female film makers so if you're out there don't miss out on this great platform!

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