Friday, January 24, 2014

Why The Music Film Is Better Than Ever

Friday, January 24, 2014

With the release of the Coen brothers' latest flick Inside Llewyn Davis I was a little taken back from what I had just seen. While it is quite known how much love Tongue Loose has for the music film, this flick is quite possibly the most genius idea to come from the big screen in a while.

A big statement I know, but let's put this into perspective of other "music" films that are out there. They tend to be happy-go-lucky, feel good films that have a problem somewhere but it's all resolved with a good musical ending. But Inside Llewyn Davis manages to give it a much better perspective, showing that despite your talents, it is always a struggle to get to the place where you want to be, which other music films tend to steer away from.

Not that we are here to diss the happy-go-lucky films, not at all. Almost Famous definitely falls into my top 5 films easily, and who can resist a bit of Empire Records? Nobody. But Inside Llewyn Davis tells us all about the struggle. Oscar Isaac also captures this perfectly on screen, we couldn't imagine anybody else playing that role (and quite frankly, was absolutely robbed at this year Oscar noms) and that dude can sing.

So in a tl;dr nutshell - the music film is a far more interesting story arc than most. Audiences will always cheer for an underdog, whether it is for Llewyn and his struggle for success, or 15-year-old William trying to document rockstar life in Almost Famous. But if you do not agree with us, Inside Llewyn Davis just might change your mind. The music story is an arc that could never grow old anyway because let's face it: life without music would just freaking suck.

Inside Llewyn Davis is out in UK cinemas 24th January.

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